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Cemented bipolar hemiarthroplasty in Comminuted intertrochanteric fractures 17 September, 2011

Superior cut out of DHS in an intertrochanteric fracture

Fractures of the femoral neck form one of the major fractures in the elderly population , quite frequently the cause of morbidity & often mortality.

Trans-cervical fractures of the neck in the elderly are straight forward to treat because of the presence of an intact calcar, however it is the intertrochanteric fractures with severe comminution & osteoporosis where the problem arises, as even a well done surgery i.e. a sliding hip & screw or an intramedullary device may not hold due to the inherent weak bone leading to failure & increased morbidity in an elderly population with already coexisiting diseases.

In order to overcome this problem in the elderly , we came out with a novel idea of using a bipolar stem in an intertrochanteric fracture which would do away with the complication of any chances of cut off & failure.Post-operative

Post Operatively, patient is made to walk with support (generally a walker) in 48hrs & needs continued physiotherapy, which varies
from patient to patient.

This technique has numerous advantages
1) Easy & reproducible
2) No added instrumentation required
3) Very cost effective
4) Patient can weight bear early
This procedure was sent as a video technique in American Academy Orthopaedic Society(AAOS) 2009 at Pre-operativeLas Vegas, where it was selected in the best video category. Special Thanks: Dr. C J Thakkar

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