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Medical Tourism in India has witnessed an enormous growth, and has opened a world of opportunities in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector.

Leading the race in attracting medical tourists to India is Sujay Hospitals, the healthcare powerhouse of India. Traveling from all around the world, medical tourists seek essential healthcare services. Sujay Hospitals renders superlative services in the lines of International Patient Care, and has therefore carved a niche in the Health Tourism sector.

A Guide for Health Tourists
With over 7000 beds in 44 hospitals, dual lifelines of pharmacies and diagnostic clinics providing a safety net across Asia, Sujay Hospitals gears itself as just the right destination for medical tourism in India. We unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology to match the best in the West with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth. Choose us as your health tourism destination, and we can arrange an effortless stay for you. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Medical tour plan
You can write, phone, or fax your medical requirement to us. Even the most trivial concerns are welcome. Our Health tour coordinator will get in touch with you with all the required details and travel advice. We also assist arrangements for your pick up at the airport and accommodation.

Bring Along the Following
  1. Your ‘fitness to fly’ certificate (if medically warranted)
  2. Copy/originals of all medical reports and medication details
  3. CD copies of any scans like MRI/CT/ECHO
  4. Any referral notes from your doctor

On arrival, you will be received at the airport by our representative, and taken to a hotel or hospital as per the admission plan.

At the hospital, you will be registered under our consultant who will be your primary doctor.

The Sujay Expertise
One of the most respected hospitals in the world, Sujay hospitals specializes in cutting-edge medical procedures. With the evident boom in Medical tourism, we have a lot of health tourists choosing us as their ultimate Health Tourism destination for medical services.

We have pioneered many revolutionary procedures and technologies in India, and a whole lot of health tourists come to us opting either for medical care or elective procedures. Some of the health procedures we render include
  1. Cardiac Surgeries
  2. Total Knee/Hip Surgery Replacements
  3. Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure
  4. Liver, Multi-Organ, and Cord Blood Transplants
  5. Coronary Angioplasty
  6. Abdominal and Thoracic Aneurysm Open and Endovascular Repairs
  7. Carotid Endarterectomies
  8. Distal Tibial bypasses for limb salvage
  9. Endovenous Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins
  10. Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery
  11. Cosmetic Surgery
  12. Bariatric Surgery - laparoscopic
  13. Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
  14. Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

We ensure that our patients get the best of our services. Our Health Tourism guests vouch for the medical procedures we render. Using the most sophisticated technology for diagnosis and therapy, we maintain international standards to keep our Health tourism visitors coming in.

Payment Methods
Payments need to be made as a deposit based on the room category. If you opt for our medical tour package, the net package amount should be paid at the time of admission.

We accept payments through Travelers Cheque, Credit Cards (Master, Visa or Amex), and foreign currency.

A receipt will be issued for all payments made, and at the time of discharge an itemized bill is presented.

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