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  • To Dr. Bijay,

    "After a lot of thought, fears and delays, I went to Dr. Bijay for a breast augmentation procedure. All my queries were answered with patience and I finally made up my mind to undergo the procuedure. Today, after 12 days, I feel really satisfied and happy that I went to him and got the desired results."

  • To Dr. Raveshia ,

    "Laparoendoscopic single-site Toupet fondoplication; giant hiatal hernia with gastric herniation reduction, and hiatal reconstruction surgical procedure performed by Dr. raveshia in Sujay Hospital.

    After consulting with Dr. Raveshia, where he explained the recommended surgical procedure in detail, including its possible risks, and after doing my own research, I decided to proceed with the surgery.

    Dr. Raveshia completed the surgery with only one laparoendoscopic site through the belly button. My recovery was remarkable with very little pain (absolutely no pain pills after leaving the hospital) and NO scaring to the abdomen at all. It is truly amazing that she can perform such complex surgery without any outside evidence! Given the same circumstances and set of facts and the remarkable way I feel one year post surgery, I would not hesitate to have the surgery, and I certainly recommend that anyone facing similar surgery seriously consider Dr. Raveshia’s procedure."

  • To Disc replacement & Fusion,

    "In May of 2008, I was kicked in the back of the head at a concert. I was in immediate pain, but didn't realize the extent of my injury. 30 hours later, i was in the ER with blurry vision, vomiting, terrible head pain, and loss of concentration. I was sent away with the diagnosis of a "tension headache". I'm still amazed to be here at home, and to have so much of my life restored and I'm still recovering from the surgery. The hospital staff was gracious and kind and always checking to be sure that everything was satisfactory. I know without a doubt that Dr. Pilankar is the best possible doctor in the world that I could have seen, and my family feels fortunate and incredibly blessed that I got to be treated by him and his team.

    Thank you so much. We have already referred at least 12 people. Our family will never forget all you have done for us!"

  • To Dr Ranjit Raje,

    "Dear Dr Ranjit Raje, a few months have gone by since you handled my daughter Marina on 7th February. I just wanted to let you know that the Lipo worked really great.on her legs. Now that the flesh is back in place, she has a totally different shape and not any longer the wide hips she used to have. She kept wearing the pressure garment for 4 weeks and then took it off for sleeping (the zips also ended up breaking…). There were some parts on the legs which remained stiff and hard for a bit longer. But for the past month or so, she doesn’t mention anything anymore."

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